A chinese laser cutter

A couple years ago I purchased a laser cutter/engraver for use on a few projects that I was contracted to develop. It’s been a great tool in the workshop for RC airplanes as well as many household items. You can find some of the products I’ve used it for over at Foam-Flite.

I often get questions about how the machine works so while I was out in the workshop the other day I grabbed my phone and recorded a YouTube live video of the basics of how it works. This is not by any means a full overview of how it works or how I use it but I hoped it would give just enough of an insight into how my Chinese Laser works.


I plan to do a more in-depth video on how I develop the cut files and set up the laser software for cutting in the future. If you are interested in this please subscribe to my site and YouTube channel to get notified when I post new content.




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