E-Flite UMX B-17G Flying Fortress


Screen-Shot-2014-10-03-at-12.49.13-PM-300x225I don’t publish many product releases but when something really catches my eye I like to spread the news.  With cooler weather coming and more of us looking at indoor flying we start looking at our micro airplanes and see what is ready to fly.  Scale airplanes always catch my eye and even more so I love to see aircraft from WW2 reproduced in RC formats.  Perhaps one of the most famous airplanes from that era is the B-17 bomber.  RC modelers love to see one in the air but few model it due to the complexity of 4 engines and getting that large plane balanced out well.

E-Flite has taken all that trouble away with the new UMX B-17G Flying Fortress.  Now any RC pilot can enjoy the nostalgia of flying the B-17 around in their backyard, indoor gym or any other area they prefer to fly micro airplanes.  It’s BNF ready with any DSM2 or DSMX radio, has removable landing gear and a clever hatch for accessing the battery bay.

Key Features

  • Completely built and flight ready
  • AS3X® technology provides superior flight performance
  • Ultra-lightweight construction with an authentic “Man O War II” trim scheme
  • Four-motor, counter-rotating operation with 3-blade propellers
  • Four-channel control includes throttle, aileron, elevator and rudder
  • Industry leading 2.4GHz Spektrum™ DSMX® technology
  • Performance ultra micro linear long-throw servos
  • Removable landing gear and simulated retracted wheels
  • Ultra micro 250mAh 1S 3.7V 20C Li-Po battery (included)
  • E-flite® 1S DC Li-Po charger (included)

Ultra-Smooth Flight
The advanced AS3X® (Artificial Stabilization – 3-axis) system built into the Spektrum™ 6-channel ultra micro receiver is what helps give the E-flite® UMX™ B-17G Flying Fortress an incredibly solid look and feel in the air. This technology works behind the scenes to help counter the effects of wind and turbulence by combining 3-axis sensing with flight control software tuned exclusively by Horizon Hobby product experts. As a result, your workload is significantly reduced while control feel is natural and precise so you can focus on making victory passes laser-straight. It’s an impressive scale flight experience that will have you convinced that you’re at the controls of an expertly-tuned multi-engine airplane that’s much larger.

Authentic Trim Scheme
Attention to detail and respect for the scale outline of the original B-17G Flying Fortress makes this fully-assembled 1/48-scale ultra micro airplane a thrill to fly. Its three-blade propellers complement its authentic “Man O War II” trim scheme.

Removable Landing Gear
The plug-in main landing gear can be replaced with simulated retracted wheels and the tail wheel can be removed for an authentic gear-up flight appearance.

Counter-Rotating Motors
Counter-rotating motors improve flight performance by virtually eliminating the adverse effects of torque.

Full Four-Channel Control
Four-channel control includes throttle, aileron, elevator and rudder with performance ultra micro linear long-throw servos.

Battery Hatch
The magnetically attached nose section of the B-17G conceals the battery compartment where the included 250mAh 1S 3.7V 20C Li-Po battery is installed.



Check it out at HorizonHobby.com

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