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Float is a documentary that is still in production.  Their goal is to document the indoor free flight airplane hobby and the people who participate and compete with ultra lightweight airplanes.  While it’s something I have never tried I am amazed at the skill and patience demonstrated by the people in this segment of the model airplane hobby.  Here is a brief description of the hobby from the Float website:

Current designs of these airplanes can fly for over 30 minutes on a single wound rubber motor, and the world record for time aloft is over one hour. These planes fly indoors, in large open spaces such as sporting arenas and aircraft and blimp hangers. The majority of participants in this hobby are over the age of 50, and the hobby itself is aging. As the digital age envelopes the younger generations, this hobby is becoming a lost art.




I’m excited that they are producing this documentary and their skill with videography will make this a high quality film.  However they need our help!  Even a film of this scale can be expensive to produce.  So they have started a campaing on kickstart to get funding to see them through.  I have jumped in and pledged support and now I want to get the word out.

Click on the following link to see the kickstarter page and please help out if you can.


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