Flyzone Micro Douglas C-47 Skytrain EP RTF

The C-47 Skytrain has always been a plane that I admired. Perhaps more so, the thousands of men that signed up to jump out of them behind enemy lines to free Europe from the Nazi occupation of World War Two. Often flying at night and under heavy barrages of flak and tracer fire, the pilots would take this fragile, unarmed plane and its squad of up to 27 men into harm’s way.

I’m a sucker for a good micro RC vehicle. As a kid, I always dreamed of making a small free flight stick built plane controllable by RC. Now we can do that or we can just buy any one of the many micro RC aircraft that are ready to fly out of the box! Now Flyzone is bringing out a Micro C-47 Skytrain that we can enjoy indoors or at a local ball field.

I’m looking forward to seeing this one in person! Check it out at Tower Hobbies at the link below.

Flyzone Micro Douglas C-47 Skytrain EP RTF at Tower Hobbies

Flyzone C-47 corner photo

ETA: Mid March 2018

Price: $159.99

Construction: Foam
Wing: One-piece with dual servo aileron control
Motors: Dual Brushed
Radio: Tactic TTX403 4-channel SLT mini transmitter with built-in battery charger
Battery: 1S 3.7V 250mAh LiPo
Nose Cone: Foam with clear plastic windows, removes for easy access to battery, attaches to fuselage with magnets

Assembled Fuselage, Wing and Tail Assemblies, 4-ch radio, two Motors, Receiver ESC and Servo Combo Board, two Propellers, 5 AA Batteries
and Instruction Manual

– Length: 16.75″ (426mm)
– Wingspan: 23″ (584mm)
– Weight: 2.6oz (74g)
– Wing Area: 66.5 sq in (4.3 sq dm)
– Wing Loading: 5.6oz sq/ft (17g sq/dm)


Flyzone Micro Douglas C-47 Skytrain EP RTF at Tower Hobbies


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