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I got my first look at the Flyzone Micro P-38 at E-fest this past February.  It was still in development but Hobbico had one at the event and had Frank Noll fly it a couple times.  Being a fan of warbirds and twin engine planes like the P-38 I fell in love right away.  Who wouldn’t love to have a micro fork tailed devil to fly around in their backyard or at the next indoor fly-in?

I finally got the chance to fly one at WATTS over Owatonna.  Hobbico had brought one to demo and it didn’t take much convincing from Chris and Greg to take a turn at the sticks.   But we’ll get to the flying later.  All I knew was I needed to grab one and luckily I was able to find one available.


As with all micros they come in a nice box that doubles as a carrying case.  These things are small and fragile so it’s important to keep them safe when not flying them.  Flyzone did a great job in packaging the P-38 along with the micro transmitter, and batteries.  So if you have the RTF version all you need to do is keep everything in the box and it’ll all be ready when you want to head out and fly.


Included in the RTF version is the Micro P-38 airframe, a Tactic TTX402 transmitter instruction manual and a 1s 20c 250mah lipo battery.  A set of AA batteries is also included to power the radio which doubles as a charger for the lipo battery.

The Flyzone P-38 has a 21 inch wingspan and a length of 16 inches.  It weighs in at a whopping 2.5 ounces.  It has four channel control with ailerons, elevator, throttle and nose-wheel steering.  It does not have functional rudders as that would add complexity to this micro airframe.  The landing gear is removable for hand launching when flying from grass.  The motors are geared brushed motors and the propellers turn into the fuse just like the full scale airplane.   The wing has an under-cambered airfoil to help provide slower yet stable flight.  The battery slips into the plane by removing the nose cone which is held on by magnets.  This looks like a nice way to balance the plane and provide easy access to change the battery pack.

While the RTF comes with a nice radio it is rather limited.  It will fly the plane just fine and will link to other TXR aircraft using the SLT protocol.  However I’ll be setting up the P-38 on my Tactic TTX650 radio so I can add in some expo and dual rates as desired.  I could have just waited for the TxR version to come out but I was too excited to get my hands on one so I jumped at the RTF version.  I think the smaller TTX402 radio will be great for my boys who don’t always like using the full sized radios.

FLZP38-13 If your like me and just can’t wait you can look for the Flyzone p-38 at your local hobby shop or find it online at Tower Hobbies.

Check out my video of the P-38 here: Flyzone P-38 Video


2 thoughts on “Flyzone Micro P-38

  • August 14, 2013 at 6:38 am

    I am sorry I missed the WATTS weekend and a look at this great looking micro. No doubt it will be in my inventory soon! Thanks for posting this 🙂


    • August 14, 2013 at 8:44 am

      Sorry you didn’t make it to WATTS. It was a good time. The P-38 does look great and from my quick flight on it at WATTS I think I’ll enjoy this for calm evening flying and indoor events. It might even get some weathering treatment!


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