Indoor flying at the Metrodome

Each year the MARCEE club I belong to secures a number of days at the Metrodome to do indoor flying.  This year we got a number of days in December and I was able to get there for a couple of the days.  It’s always a good time as with the days spread out over the month not everyone crams into one day.   On a busy day we might have 30 flyers there.  The hours often run from 5am to 4pm so it’s possible to get more then a fulls day of flying in.  This year I came armed with a variety of airplanes and my cameras.  I took video of some specific airplanes but I also tried to capture the general fun and atmosphere of the day.  My hats off to both the MARCEE club for being fun and courteous but also and more importantly to the Metrodome staff that make us feel so welcomed and truly seem to enjoy s being there.  We do make a point to find one day to bring in a big table of food to feed the Metrodome staff as a thank you.  They seem to enjoy that as well.

Here are a few of the videos I put together from the two days I was able to attend.

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