My first try at Discus Launch Gliders

So I can across a deal posted by a friend on RCgroups.  A few of us had been looking at a new inexpensive DLG (Discus Launched Glider) and one of the distributors ran a 50% off sale around Easter.  So a few of us jumped on the deal and waited.  The planes started arriving and we debated the gear we’d put in them.  I finally pt mine together last night.  The build was quite simple for anyone that has put a few airplanes together.  However there were no instructions included and what I gleamed from the web helped but there were still gaps in the instructions that left me to think it out.  Well it didn’t take too long as I was able to finish it in an evening with multiple interruptions.

This morning I took it out to a soccer field before work and gave it a few tosses.  It was fairly tame and once I got the launch method down it was not too bad.  I was able to keep it in the air for about 30 seconds at most but it was a cool morning with no wind so lift was not to be found.

I’ll give it some more flights and report back on my thoughts about this entry level DLG.

Here is the video of my flights:

2 thoughts on “My first try at Discus Launch Gliders

  • December 29, 2013 at 11:51 am

    I bought one at SEFF a couple yrs ago and never assembled it. Do you remember where on the web you found instructions?.
    I mainly need help locating the servos.

    I emailed Atlanta Hobby for help. Hope they can.

    Do you still fly it and is it fun?

    • December 29, 2013 at 12:48 pm

      Hi Don. I can’t find the web instructions I found for this plane a few years ago. I actually ended up selling this plane at SEFF this year or the year before. I had fun with it but didn’t get out with it enough to keep it around. The servos I used were small 5g servos and the plywood mount took a little adjusting to fit the servos. Once they fit you can secure it in place in the fuse. I hope you have fun with this glider.



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