I have been asked to appear on a variety of podcasts over the years.  I enjoy talking with the hosts and sharing news and information about the RC hobby.

Below are link to the episodes I appear on.  Please give them a listen and give some feedback.  If you like them subscribe to them on Itunes or through the RSS feed on their websites at http://www.allthingsthatfly.com or http://www.thecrashcast.com


ATTF #281 Catching up with Vintauri

ATTF #218 EFEST 2012

ATTF #211 – Its the switches that’ll get yas

ATTF #206 – Introductions

Should I buy it – Beechcraft Staggerwing

Should I buy it – Top Flite P-47

Should I buy it – A second airplane


CrashCast #248 E-fest 2014

CrashCast #215 2013 NEFI Fly In

CrashCast #213 2013 Sig Fly In

CrashCast #198 E-Fest 2013

CrashCast #185 2012 JR Indoor

One thought on “Podcasts

  • December 30, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    Glad to have you!! You add a lot to the show! Looking forward to more episodes!


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