Preview – FLEXJET SUPER PNP from Flex Innovations

Flex Innovations has been known for bringing out great flying 3D aircraft both in smaller foam models and larger balsa airframes. But now they’ve released something a bit different with the FlexJet! It’s a sport jet model aimed at the intermediate flyer that is comfortable has mastered the basic four channel flight and can handle a bit of speed.  You don’t have to be an expert to fly this plane but it’s not for a beginner.

Utilizing the Aura 8 flight control system the FlexJet flies like a bigger model taking the bumps of the wind and minor control mistakes. The trailing link landing gear makes for smooth landings on less than ideal runways.  The 90mm fan and Potenza 60BLDF Motor look to provide plenty of power for speed and aerobatics.
The airplane is not just for speed, it’s airframe was designed with a wide envelope of performance. Slow it down and go into high alpha and the dogtooth leading edge will help keep the airplane in control. Roll it on its’ side and the generous side area will keep you flying in knife edge flight.  A wide range of batteries will allow you from 4-6 minutes of flight (based on flying style as well). When it’s time to bring it in the sequenced gear doors and retracts will drop down ready for a smooth landing a roll out.


We’re looking forward to getting our hands on one and giving it a proper run down!  Stay tuned to Vintauri RC for more!

Flight Stabilization Installed
Expertly Engineered Ducting
Digital Servos and Metal Clevises
Potenza 60BLDF Motor

11 Blade 90mm Ducted Fan
Trailing Link Struts







  • Pre-Programmed Aura 8 AFCS with Firmware v1.6 (installed)
  • Expertly Engineered Ducting and Inlet Lips for Power and Efficiency
  • Modern Aerodynamics for High Performance and Easy Handling
  • Electric Retracts with Door Sequencer (installed)
  • Metal Trailing-Link Struts with Rubber Downstops (installed)
  • Metal Clevis Connections on all Flight Control Surfaces
  • EPO Construction with Carbon Fiber Spars and Joiner Tubes
  • Ball Bearing Supported and Balanced All-Moving Stabilators
  • Large Battery Compartment from top with single Latch for easy Access
  • 11 Blade 90mm Ducted-Fan for Amazing Performance and Sound (installed)
  • Potenza 60BLDF 1450kv Motor for excellent Power and Efficiency (installed)
  • Hobby Wing 80A ESC with external BEC 8A at 5V (installed)
  • (5) Potenza DS15 Digital Metal Gear Flight Control Servos (installed)
  • (4) Potenza DS12 Digital Servos for Doors and Nosewheel Steering (installed)
  • 4 to 6 minute flight times depending on battery choice and throttle management
  • Wide choice of batteries 4000 to 5200 mAh (6S)
  • Custom Trim Scheme and Decals Applied

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