Tactic RC’s New TTX850

tacj2850_660-300x300A radio transmitter really is a personal thing.  Every pilot is different in what they want.  Radio size, types and sizes of switches, sliders or knobs gimbal tensions and control stick size all matter and everyone seems to have a different preference about all of the above.  It’s best to shop around and maybe test drive others radios before buying one and I always tell people buy the best radio you can afford.  However it is also nice to save some cash and still get the features you want.

When the Tactic TTX650 radio came out a couple years ago I was intrigued and was happy to test one out.  The price was great at $149 considering all the features you have in that radio. It was something that could grow with a new pilot and not be limited to just flying the trainer they just bought. However as time goes on you might out grow the 20 model memory or the 6 channel control of the TTX650.  Tactic RC has given us a path to upgrade while still not breaking the bank.

The TTX850 offers all the features of the TTX650 but adds 2 more channels, 6 total mixes preprogrammed functions for airplanes, helicopters and multirotors, plus more 3 positions switches and two sliders on the back of the radio.  Pair this with the expanded line of Tactic receivers and all the TXR aircraft available this radio will keep you going with your entire fleet of aircraft.


  • Airplane, helicopter and multi-rotor software
  • Intuitive, straightforward menus
  • Push-button programming
  • 30-model memory
  • Wireless trainer system and wired trainer system with 3.5 mm round jack
  • Six programmable mixes
  • Factory-programmed mixes including three swash mixes for helis and eight wing/tail configurations for fixed-wing aircraft
  • User-selectable switch assignments
  • Two sliding side levers, six 3-position switches and two 2-position switches
  • Sticks with ultra-smooth quad-bearing gimbals, plus length and tension adjustments
  • High-resolution, 256×160 red backlit graphing LCD with contrast and brightness adjustments
  • Servo reversing, sub-trim and travel limits (all channels)
  • Dual rates and exponential (aileron, elevator & rudder)
  • Digital trims with slow/fast adjustment (aileron, elevator, rudder & throttle)
  • Adjustable low-voltage alarm
  • 4.8V 1000mAh NiMH transmitter battery
  • AC wall charger with interchangeable U.S., UK & EU terminals
  • Charge jack
  • Internal antenna
  • Compatible with all SLT receivers and Tx-R aircraft.

I hope to get my hands on this radio soon to test it out.  I do get some friendly ribbing about my collection of radios but it helps to be able to compare in the real world the differences between brands and styles.  I can also let people try them out before they make a big investment of their own. The TTX650 has been a great radio and will continue to serve me well as it will wirelessly link to the TTX850 as a trainer.  I can then hand the radio off to the student and let them run with it as it will serve them well for many more planes. Look for a full review here soon!

Check it out at TacticRC.com


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