Tower Hobbies Slow Ride 3D EP ARF

I’ve had the pleasure of flying with Gary Wright for a number of years now. A couple years ago he brought up a large but light airplane like no other. It had a long thin fuselage and a wide wing. I did not know what to make of it at first but when he took off I was amazed. It flew so slow yet had so much agility that it was like a 3D kite! If you’ve seen Gary fly he really mixes it up but is more graceful than aggressive in his aerobatics. I was hooked on the plane. He told me it would be hard to make it into a kit or ARF as he had hand-selected each piece of balsa to get the strength and wing loading down. He let me fly it and I was in love. It was flying a small flat foamie but this was a huge balsa airframe!

Fast forward to this spring and we’re excited to see the Slow Ride soon to be available as an ARF from Tower Hobbies!  Somehow Gary worked his magic with the manufacturing process to get the plane mass produced within his specifications!

They are slated to be available in late May of 2018. I would expect these to be a hot item from those who have seen it in person so pre-order yours today so you don’t miss out!


Check out the Slow ride at Tower Hobbies


Pre-built Wing, Fuselage and Tail Sections, Landing Gear
and Instruction Manual


Radio: At least 5-channel with mixing capabilities
Servos: Four mini w/at least 84 oz-in (6.04 kg-cm) torque
Brushless Motor: RimFire .28 brushless outrunner
Electronic Speed Control: 60A
LiPo Battery: 3S or 4S 2100-4000mAh 25C
Battery Charger: Compatible with selected LiPo battery
LiPo charging bag, building and field equipment


Wingspan: 63.5 in (1613 mm)
Length: 67.5 in (1715 mm)
Wing Area: 948 sq in (61.1 sq dm)
Wing Loading: 6.9-8.9 oz/sq ft (21-27 g/sq dm)
Weight: 46-59 oz (1304-1672 g)


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