Winter Blues

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As a kid I found joy in every season.  Winter was a time to build snow forts, go sledding and skiing with my friends and come in to enjoy hot chocolate and cookies when we were done. As an adult however I find winter more and more depressing and annoying as I get older.  Vehicles tend to have more issues in the cold, snow only falls when your late for work and have to clear it out of the way and the sun is never up long enough when you work later into the day.

So as we find ourselves in the middle of another winter I have realized how easy it is to fall into a slump and become demotivated to get things done.  It’s east to push stuff off and wait for a warmer day.  But this thinking only puts your further into a depressed state and it’s harder to get yourself back going on all the projects you have to complete to have fun on the warm summer days. So how do we get that motivation back during the grey cold days of winter?  Well we can move south to a warmer climate but for most of us that wont work.

I can only tell you what works for me.  In the middle of winter it can be hard to get out and fly plus the shop is often filled with planes in storage taking up more space and creating clutter. Sometimes we all need a break from even our favorite hobby.  Just like we need a vacation from work to recharge a vacation from your hobby can help you get out of a rut and recharge so you can come back and hit things fresh.  But before you run off do a couple things to make it easier to jump back in.

#1  Clean up your room!

I know we were all told this as a kid or perhaps we find ourselves lecturing our own kids now but it has merit.  Taking the time to clean up your workspace before you take a break makes it easier to find everything and jump back in when there is not a mess waiting for you.

#2 Have a trusty airframe ready

When your ready to jump back in the saddle and kick up the hobby again have at least one go to airframe ready to get back on the horse with. Perhaps it’s an old trainer that you can dust off the fingers with or perhaps its a durable foamy that can take a few hits from the rusty thumbs.  Just have something ready to fly that you know is a solid flyer.

#3 Keep in touch with friends

You hang out with them at the field and share your tales of flights all summer long.  Make sure to keep in touch over the winter or during your break. Meet for some coffee for some shop talk. For me this hobby is just as much social as it is about the flying. Just hanging out with like minded people can bring me new ideas and get me refreshed.

Pretty soon you’ll find that nice day and the air will be calling and you’ll find yourself jumping back in and you’ll be glad you made it easier.

I’m not good at following my own advise all the time as my workshop always seems to be a mess even after I organize it. However in trying to accomplish these things I do find myself taking breaks and coming back refreshed and ready to hit it again. Don’t feel bad about getting a bit burned out on whatever your hobby is.  We all need breaks to refresh and reset.  Just don’t give it all up and just sit on the couch binge watching Netflix all year.

I’d love to hear what works for you guys to shake off the winter blues.  Leave a comment or send me an e-mail with your thoughts.


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