Tactic RC’s New TTX850

tacj2850_660A radio transmitter really is a personal thing.  Every pilot is different in what they want.  Radio size, types and sizes of switches, sliders or knobs gimbal tensions and control stick size all matter and everyone seems to have a different preference about all of the above.  It’s best to shop around and maybe test drive others radios before buying one and I always tell people buy the best radio you can afford.  However it is also nice to save some cash and still get the features you want.

When the Tactic TTX650 radio came out a couple years ago I was intrigued and was happy to test one out.  The price was great at $149 considering all the features you have in that radio. It was something that could grow with a new pilot and not be limited to just flying the trainer they just bought. However as time goes on you might out grow the 20 model memory or the 6 channel control of the TTX650.  Tactic RC has given us a path to upgrade while still not breaking the bank.

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E-Flite UMX B-17G Flying Fortress

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 12.49.13 PM

I don’t publish many product releases but when something really catches my eye I like to spread the news.  With cooler weather coming and more of us looking at indoor flying we start looking at our micro airplanes and see what is ready to fly.  Scale airplanes always catch my eye and even more so I love to see aircraft from WW2 reproduced in RC formats.  Perhaps one of the most famous airplanes from that era is the B-17 bomber.  RC modelers love to see one in the air but few model it due to the complexity of 4 engines and getting that large plane balanced out well.

E-Flite has taken all that trouble away with the new UMX B-17G Flying Fortress.  Now any RC pilot can enjoy the nostalgia of flying the B-17 around in their backyard, indoor gym or any other area they prefer to fly micro airplanes.  It’s BNF ready with any DSM2 or DSMX radio, has removable landing gear and a clever hatch for accessing the battery bay. Continue reading

Sketchup for RC Part 4 – Tracing the side view

Sketchup Title part 5

Continuing on our Sketchup Tutorial we are finally going to start drawing in some lines.  We’ll start with the side view in this case as it has the easier outlines with no duplicated parts.  In the next section we’ll cover the top view which will involve duplicating parts.  If you have missed the first few sections it would be good to go back and review them before moving forward with this tutorial.

Part 1 – Intro to Sketchup

Part 2 – Customizing Sketchup

Part 3 – Importing Reference Drawings

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Sketchup for RC Part 3 – Importing Reference Drawings

Sketchup Title reference drawings

Now that we have Sketchup configured we can start working on our design.  Many people like to work on a scale design and use reference drawings or 3 views to start with.  Sketchup allows us to import a drawing that we can trace over to get a scale outline of our design.  So to start off we need to go find some reference drawings!  Just keep in mid the complexity of the aircraft you are drawing.  If this is your first design it’s best to srat with something simple such as a single wing single engine airplane with fairly straight lines.

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Sketchup for RC Part 2 – Customizing Sketchup

Sketchup Title part 2

Continuing my tutorial on using Sketchup to design RC aircraft we will look at how I customize Sketchup with the Toolbars and Plugins to be able to draw and work with our designs.  There are many options to customize Sketchup so I am going to just cover a few to get started and as we go down the road I will add others and will cover them at that time.

If you are new to Sketchup and missed the first section on Sketchup basics you may want to read that first before moving on.  You can find that article here:  Introduction to Sketchup

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Sketchup for RC – Introduction to Sketchup


Sketchup Title Finished

I have been working with Sketchup for a few years and have enjoyed creating my own designs and then cutting them out on my CNC machines.   There is something really exciting about seeing your own design take flight and then have others build your airplane as well.  Since then I have had a number of people ask me how to use Sketchup in creating plans for model aircraft.  So I have decided to make a bit of a tutorial on what I have done in the hopes that it can help others play with designing aircraft as well.

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Dromida SC 4.18

Dromida SC RTR

I normally post about airplanes and occasionally about rotary flight with helicopters or multirotor aircraft but today I want to talk a little about surface RC vehicles.  My first RC vehicle was a toy grade RC car.  It was a little black corvette my parents picked up at Shopko and I loved driving it around the living room floor.  A few years later my dad started building an RC sailplane and my interest was peaked and off I went with RC aviation.

My boys have always had RC around so it’s nothing new to them.  Love it or leave it to them it’s like having a TV in the house it’s just there.  So sometimes it’s hard to get them interested in the cool things you can do with RC.  I don’t want to push them into hating it so I offer to let them play and sometime they will bite.  Other times they just want to grab the iPod and play Minecraft.  Oh well you win some and you loose some.  However this year was different.  My oldest son started telling us he wanted a RC car of his own to be able to drive around.  Once I heard this I was excited and more then happy to find him a good starter car but something that was hobby grade so we could get replacement parts and upgrades along the way.  While I really hope someday to be able to fly together with my sons I know the surface RC can be the gateway to RC aviation.  So for now we’ll race around the backyard together!

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Flyzone Micro P-38


I got my first look at the Flyzone Micro P-38 at E-fest this past February.  It was still in development but Hobbico had one at the event and had Frank Noll fly it a couple times.  Being a fan of warbirds and twin engine planes like the P-38 I fell in love right away.  Who wouldn’t love to have a micro fork tailed devil to fly around in their backyard or at the next indoor fly-in?

I finally got the chance to fly one at WATTS over Owatonna.  Hobbico had brought one to demo and it didn’t take much convincing from Chris and Greg to take a turn at the sticks.   But we’ll get to the flying later.  All I knew was I needed to grab one and luckily I was able to find one available.

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Tactic TTX650 Radio

Tactic TTX650-5

Last year Hobbico brought out a great new product with the Anylink radio adapter.  The AnyLink allows you to use your favorite transmitter to fly any airplane with a Tactic SLT receiver like those found in the Flyzone TX-R airplanes.  This opens up many aircraft to pilots without the need to buy a brand specific radio.  This year Hobbico has brought out a new option in the Tactic TTX650 6 channel computer radio.  This radio is full of features that will allow pilots on a lower budget to still have a radio they can grow on for years.  But don’t let it’s low price make you think it’s not worth a look for the experienced modeler.  Just check out these features.

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