X Tool D1 10W Diode Laser | My first impressions

In this video, I take a look at the XTool D1 10w diode laser from Makeblock. This is an intro video to give an overview of the laser and my first impressions of it. I cover my thoughts on the build, some tips when assembling it, basic use of LaserBox Basic software and share some test cuts and engravings on various materials. I plan to create future videos to cover how to get started with this laser and the software as well as tips on creating an enclosure to handle the smoke when using the laser.

Learn more about the XTool D1 and purchase your own using my affiliate link: https://store.xtool.com/?ref=vintauri

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Free 3D house file from Cartonus: https://cartonus.com/small-wooden-houses/

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