Improving the Harbor Freight Mini Cut Off Saw

In my RC hobby, I’m often cutting small materials to precise lengths, and cutting them by hand or using larger power tools can be time-consuming or even dangerous. While at Harbor Freight, I picked up the mini cut-off saw to help when cutting small materials, but I wanted to make it easier to cut exact lengths and make them repeatable.

I was inspired by Adam Savage’s build on the same saw. However not having all the machining tools to make new metal parts, I set about to make a wooden platform and stop block system for me to be able to make repeatable length cuts on the mini cut-off saw.

Using just a few scrap pieces of plywood and some hardware I had sitting around the shop I was able to create a simple setup to make repeatable cuts. I embellished the setup using my laser engraver to mark the stop block rail with measurements. However, this could be easily done without that and just using a measuring tape each time.

Check out my video on YouTube to see the build process and if you’d like a set of parts of your own, check out the small kit I offer in my online shop.

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